Analyze customer experience and its business impact

Explore and manage customer satisfaction and loyalty drivers by analyzing all their feedback – from Zendesk, Salesforce or any custom source.
Customer Experience

Uncover delights and pain points in customer journeys to optimize holistic customer experience across all touchpoints.


Find out most impactful areas where your support agents perform better or worse to expand their knowledge and skills.


Monitor your brand reputation, compare to competitors or detect new marketing opportunities in your own and public data.



For any of your use cases.


Human-made & AI-driven.


NPS® Surveys

CSAT Surveys


All your customers feedback in one place

Connect and add data from your CRM, support or sales systems; as well as any custom data files. 

Analyze CSAT Surveys, NPS Surveys, tickets, chat logs, call transcripts, SMS.

Import your tickets or leads data from Salesforce.

Custom data
Import your custom text data as the raw data file (CSV).

Business Domain Sensitive Analytics

Analyze data reflecting your domain and business specifics – go beyond the domain-agnostic analytics. 

Domain Analytics 
Analyze data using the unique set of domain-relevant themes.

High-level Analytics
View data by general themes (Brand, Product, Price, Service, Employee).

Low-level Analytics
Explore insights from domain-relevant customer lifecycle themes.

Customer Lifecycle & Journeys Views

Analyze customer experience quality and its dynamics along the customer lifecycle and across all channels. ​

Lifecycle Analytics 
Get data based on the typical customer lifecycle stages in your domain.

Journeys Analytics
See journeys for specific customer segments and individuals (soon).

Touchpoints Analytics
Explore who, where and how interacts with your customers (soon).

Interactive & Flexible
Data Exploration

Dive deep into your data by interacting with the charts and applying custom filters to slice and dice your data.​​​​​

Data filters
Filter your data by date and brand (or any custom field).

Contextual Stream
Get instant data samples for uncovering sentiment drivers.

Data Stream
Search all your data and get the results with highlighted search terms.

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